Terms And Conditions and customer Information

I. Terms And Conditions

§ 1 Basic Provisions

(1) The following Terms And conditions Apply to all Contracts you enter into with us as a Provider (bambusliebe GmbH) via the Website www.bambusliebe.de. Unless otherwise agreed, the Inclusion of your own Conditions may be objected to.

(2) Consumers within the Meaning of the following Rules shall be any natural person who Concludes a Legal transaction for purposes which, for the most part, cannot be attributed to either his or her commercial or self-employed professional Activity. Entrepreneur is any natural Or legal Person or legal Partnership that acts in The Exercise of its independent professional or commercial Activity when entering into a legal transaction.

§ 2 Preresult of the Contract

(1) The subject of the Contract is the Sale of Goods.

(2) Already with the Setting of the respective Product on our Website, we submit a binding Offer to Conclude a Contract on the Terms And conditions specified in the article description.

(3) The Contract is concluded through the online shopping basket system as follows:
The goods intended for purchase are stored in the “shopping cart.” You can use the corresponding Button in the Navigation Bar to access the “Shopping Cart” and make Changes there at any time.
After Visiting the “Checkout” page and Entering the personal Data as well as the payment and shipping Conditions, all Order data will be displayed again on the Order overview Page.
If You use an instant Payment system (E.g. PayPal/PayPal Express/PayPal Plus, Amazon Payments, Postpay, instant transfer) as a payment method, you will either be listed in our online shop on the Order overview Page or you will first be sent to the The Website of the Provider of the Instant payment system is forwarded.
If the Forwarding to the immediate payment system is carried out, You will select Or Enter Your Data there. Finally, You will be directed back to our online store on the Order overview Page.
Before Submitting the Order, You have the Option to check all Information again, to change it (also via the “back” function of the Internet Browser) or cancel the Purchase.
By Sending the Order via the “Order on a paid” Button, You declare legally binding acceptance of the Offer, which will result in the contract.

(4) Your Requests to Prepare an Offer are non-binding for You. We will make a binding Offer in Text form (E.g. by E-Mail), which You can accept within 5 Days.

(5) The Processing of the Order and Transmission of all the Information required in Connection with the Conclusion of the Contract is partly automated by E-Mail. You must therefore ensure that the E-mail address you have stored with us is correct, that the Receipt of the E-Mails is technically guaranteed and, in particular, that it is not prevented by SPAM filters.

§ 3 Right of Retention, Retention of Title

(1) You can only exercise a Right Of Retention if there are Claims from the same Contractual relationship.

(2) The Goods remain our Property until the purchase Price has been paid in full.

§ 4 Liability

(1) We are fully liable for Damage caused to life, Body or Health. Furthermore, we are liable without Limitation in all Cases of Intent and gross Negligence, in case of fraudulent Concealment of a Defect, in the Case of acceptance of the guarantee of the nature of The Purchased item and in all other legally regulated Cases.

(2) Liability for Defects under the statutory Warranty is governed by the relevant Regulation in our Customer Information (Part II).

(3) If essential Contractual Obligations are concerned, our Liability in the event of slight Negligence is limited to the foreseeable damage typical Of the contract. Essential Contractual obligations are essential Obligations arising from the Nature of the Contract, the Violation of which would jeopardise the achievement of the Purpose of the contract, as well as Obligations which the Contract imposes on us according to its Content in order to Achieve the Purpose of the contract, Compliance With its proper implementation of the Contract in the first Place and you can regularly rely on its compliance.

(4) In the Event of breach Of non-essential Contractual obligations, liability In the event of slightly negligent breaches of duty Is excluded.

(5) Data communication over the Internet Cannot be guaranteed without errors and/or at any time, according to the current State of the Art. In this respect, we are not liable for the constant Or uninterrupted availability of the website and the Service offered there.

§ 5 Legal Choice

(1) German Law applies. For Consumers, this choice of Law applies only to the extent that this does not deprive The Protection afforded By mandatory provisions of the law of the State of The consumer’s Habitual residence (Principle of Favouritism).

(2) The Provisions of the UN Sales Law expressly do not apply.

II. Customer Information

1st Identity of the Seller

bambusliebe GmbH
Büsdorfer St. 9c
50933 Cologne
Phone: 015751198342
Email: chris@bambusliebe.de

Alternative Dispute resolution:
The European Commission provides a Platform for out-of-court online dispute resolution (OS platform), accessible under http://ec.europa.eu/odr.

2. Information on the Achievement of the Contract

The technical Steps to the Conclusion of the Contract, the Conclusion of the Contract itself and the Corrective possibilities are made in Accordance With Section 2 Of our Terms and Conditions (Part I.).

3. Contract language, contract test storage

3.1. Contract Language is German.

3.2. We do not store the full Text of the Contract. Before Submitting the Order via the Online Shopping Basket System, the Contract data can be printed out via the Printing Function of the Browser or secured electronically. After Receipt of the Order with us, the Order data, the legally required Information for Distance contracts and the General Terms And conditions will be sent to You again by E-Mail.

3.3. If You Request offers outside the online shopping basket system, You will receive all Contract data as Part of a binding Offer In Text Form, E.g. by E-Mail, which You can print out or secure electronically.

4. Codes Of Conduct

4.1. We have submitted to the buyer seal quality criteria of The Dealer ASSOCIATION Management AG and with it The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark Code of Conduct, available at : http://www.haendlerbund.de/images/content/kaeufersiegel/kaeufersiegel-qualitatskriterien.pdf and http://www.ecommercetrustmark.eu/the-code-of-conduct/

5. Essential Features of the Goods or Services

The essential Features of the Goods and/or Service Can be found in the respective Offer.

6. Prices and Payment Modalities

6.1. The Prices quoted in the respective Offers as well as the Shipping Costs represent Total Prices. They include all Price Components, including all applicable Taxes.

6.2. Shipping Costs are not included in the Purchase Price. They are accessed via an appropriately designated Button on our Website or in the respective Offer, are shown separately during the Ordering Process and are additionally to bear by You, unless the Delivery is free of delivery Is pledged.

6.3. The Payment Methods available To you are shown under a appropriately designated Button on our Website or in the respective Offer.

6.4. Unless otherwise stated in the case of the Individual Payment methods, the payment Claims From the concluded Contract are immediately due for Payment.

7. Delivery conditions

7.1. The Delivery Conditions, the Delivery Date and any existing Delivery Restrictions can be found under a appropriately designated Button on our Website or in the respective Offer.

7.2. As Far as you are a consumer, it is regulated by law that the Risk of accidental destruction and accidental Deterioration of the Sold item during the Shipment does not pass until the goods are handed over to You, regardless of whether the Shipment is insured or Uninsured. This does not apply if You have independently hired a Transport Company not designated by the Entrepreneur or a Person otherwise designated to Carry out the Shipment.

8. Legal Law on Liability

8.1. There are the statutory Rights to Liability.

8.2. As a Consumer, You will be asked to immediately check the Goods for Completeness, obvious Defects and Transport damage upon delivery and to notify us And the Carrier of complaints as soon as possible. If you don’t follow up, it doesn’t affect your legal Warranty Claims.

This TERMS and Conditions and customer Information have been prepared by the lawyers of the Dealer association, which specialise in IT law, and are constantly checked for Legal Compliance. The Dealer Association Management AG guarantees the legal Certainty of the Texts and is liable in The Event of warnings. For More Information, see http://www.haendlerbund.de/agb-service.

Latest Update: 23.01.2017

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