Bamboo gift basket set

The bamboo gift basket is environmentally friendly, ecological and full to the brim with lots of bamboo love. In addition, with each sold gift basket 1kg of plastic waste is fished out of the sea.

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The basket contains all the basics for the introduction to more sustainability:

- a bamboo basket (30 x 22 x 12 cm)  

- washable make-up removal pads (7 pieces incl. laundry bag)  

- a bamboo toothbrush  

- one package of bamboo cotton swabs (100 pieces each)  

- once vegan dental floss (30 meters in a glass flacon)  

- a refill of vegan dental floss (two rolls of 30 meters each)

- a bamboo toothbrush case  

- a bamboo toothbrush cup  

- a bamboo comb

- Carrying bag made of 100 % organic cotton

In short, the bamboo gift basket set is the perfect sustainable gift for you or your loved ones.


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