Washable make-up removal pads - Washable & amp; Reusable

Round make-up remover pads, environmentally friendly, soft and gentle. Daily facial cleaning without plastic waste.


  • easy-care cleansing for sensitive, sensitive and impure skin
  • maintains the natural protective function the skin
  • lint-free and extra-soft
  • absorbent and gentle on the skin
  • environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • machine washable at 60-90 degrees
  • Suitable for tumble dryers
  • can be used for many years
  • Facial lotions or creams can be used without any problems

And the best: With the washable make-up removal pads replace conventional disposable pads and so you can avoid a lot of cosmetic waste every day. The make-up removal pads are reusable. For years.


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