Vegan floss

For a radiant, toothpaste-ready smile you don't need plastic dental floss .

With the vegan dental floss from bambusliebe you have a sustainable alternative for thorough tooth cleaning. The dental floss is based on corn starch and waxed with candelilla wax. This wax is obtained from the stems and leaves of the candelilla bush in an environmentally friendly process.

• 30 meters of floss from cornstarch

• completely vegan

• with Candelilla wax covered (plant from Africa)

• rounded off with a hint of precious mint

• packed in a reusable glass bottle

With this natural dental floss you do yourself and the environment something good - and without having to make any concessions in terms of taste and quality. Our dental floss gently and gently cleans the interdental spaces and is also ideal for sensitive gums. The mild taste with a hint of precious mint ensures a pleasant freshness. Use the vegan dental floss in addition to brushing your teeth for complete cleaning and healthy teeth.


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