Our lovingly designed Panda logo doesn't just make children's eyes shine.

Thanks to its wave shape, the natural toothbrush fits comfortably in your hand. The bristles made of bamboo viscose are characterized by very good cleaning properties and are softly available in the degrees of hardness. Another advantage is that bamboo is naturally antibacterial and very resistant to germs.

  • sustainable & amp; environmentally friendly
  • waveform / bristles made of bamboo viscose
  • antibacterial / vegan / BPA-free
  • available in soft
  • length approx. 14 cm / weight approx. 6 g

You can use the toothbrush as long as the plastic toothbrushes. During use, make sure that the toothbrush can always dry well. When it is time to change the brush, you can do so with a good feeling, because our bamboo toothbrush is recyclable; just like the packaging. By the way, our lovingly designed Panda logo is lasered in a way that conserves resources.


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