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Name/Fa.: bambusliebe GmbH
Street No.: Büsdorfer St. 9c
POSTCODE, Place, Country: 50933 Cologne
Phone number: 0157 511 98 342
Email address: info (at)

Status: 14.05.2018

1. Basic Information on Data Processing and Legal Bases

This Privacy Statement clarifies The Nature, scope and Purpose of processing personal Data within our Online Offering and its associated Websites, Functions and Content (collectively referred to below as “Online offering” or ” Website “). The Privacy Policy applies regardless of the Domains, Systems, Platforms and Devices used (E.g. Desktop or Mobile) on which the Online Offer is carried out.

The terms used, such as “personal Data” or their “Processing,” are referred to the Definitions in Article 4 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Users ‘ personal Data processed in This Online Offer includes Inventory Data (E.g., Names and Addresses of Customers), Contract data (E.g., services used, names of Caseworkers, payment information), Usage data (E.g., the websites of our Online Offer visited, Interest in our Products) and Content Data (E.g., Input in the Contact Form).

The Term “User” covers all Categories of persons affected by the Data Processing. They include our Business Partners, Customers, Prospective Customers and other Visitors to our Online Offering. The Terms used, such as “Users,” are to be understood in a gender-neutral way.

We only process users ‘ personal Data in Compliance with the relevant Data Protection regulations. This means that users ‘ Data will only be processed if Legal Permission is available. This means, especially if the Data processing is required to Provide our contractual Services (E.g. processing of Orders) as well as online services, or is required by law, the User’s Consent is available, as well as because of our Eligible Interests (i.e. Interest in the Analysis, Optimization and economic Operation and security of our Online Offer within The Meaning of Article 6 (6). 1 lit. (GDPR), especially in range measurement, creation of profiles for advertising and Marketing purposes, as well as Collection of Access data and Use of Third-party services.

We would like to point out that the Legal Basis of the Consents of Article 6 (6). 1 lit. (a) and Article 7 OF the GDPR, the Legal Basis for Processing to Fulfil our Services and Implement contractual Measures Article 6 (6). 1 lit. b. GDPR, the Legal Basis for Processing to Fulfil our legal Obligations Article 6 (6). 1 lit. c. GDPR, and the Legal Basis for Processing to Safeguard our legitimate Interests Article 6 (6). 1 lit. (GDPR).

2. Security Measures

We take organisational, contractual and technical Security Measures in accordance with the state of the Art To ensure that the Rules of The data protection laws are complied with and thus to prevent the Data we process against accidental or Protect Intentional Manipulation, Loss, Destruction or access by unauthorized Persons.

Security Measures include, in particular, the encrypted Transfer of Data between Your Browser and our Server.

3. Sharing Data with Third parties and Third-party Providers

Data is only Passed on to Third Parties within the scope of the legal Requirements. We only pass on the data of the Users to Third parties if, for example, this is based on Article 6 (6). 1 lit. (b) GDPR IS necessary for Contractual Purposes or on The basis of legitimate Interests. Article 6 (6). 1 lit. And GDPR in the economic and effective Operation of our Business.

If we use Subcontractors to provide our Services, we shall take appropriate legal Precautions as well as appropriate technical and organisational Measures to protect personal Data in accordance with the relevant legal Regulations.

If content, tools or other Means are used by other Providers (collectively referred to below as “Third-party Providers”) as part of this Privacy Statement, and their named Seat is located in a Third Country, it must be assumed that a Data Transfer to third-party seat States. Third Countries are countries where the GDPR is not an immediate Applicable law, i.e. in principle countries outside the EU or the European Economic Area. Data Is transmitted to third Countries either if there is an appropriate level Of data protection, user consent or otherwise legal Permission.

4. Online Store

We process inventory data (E.g., Names and addresses as well as Contact Details of Users), Contract data (E.g., services used, Names of Contact persons, Payment Information) in order to Fulfil our contractual Obligations and Services. Article 6 (6). 1 lit b. GDPR.

Users can create an Optional user Account By being able to view their Orders in particular. As Part of the Registration process, the required Mandatory information will be communicated to the Users. The User Accounts are not public and cannot be indexed by Search Engines. If Users have terminated their User account, their Data will be deleted with Respect to the User Account, subject to their Retention is valid for commercial or tax reasons. Article 6 (6). 1 lit. c GDPR NECESSARY. It is incumbent on Users to secure their Data before the End of the contract if they are Terminated. We are entitled to irretrievably delete all user Data stored during the duration of The Contract.

As Part of the Registration and re-registrations as well as use of our Online Services, the IP address and the Time of the Respective User Store will be saved. The Storage is based on our legitimate Interests, as well as the User in Terms of protection against Abuse and other unauthorized use. In principle, this Data is not passed on to Third parties unless it is necessary to Pursue our Claims or there is a legal Obligation to do so. Article 6 (6). 1 lit. c GDPR.

We process Usage data (E.g., the visited Websites of our Online Offer, Interest in our Products) and Content data (E.g., Input in the Contact form or User profile) for Advertising purposes in a User profile, in order to provide the User With product hints, for example Based on their Services used so far.

5. Contact

When Contacting us (via Contact form or E-Mail), the User’s Details are provided to Process the Contact Request and how To Process it. Article 6 (6). 1 lit. b) GDPR.

Users ‘ Information can be stored in our Customer Relationship Management System (“CRM System”) or similar Request Organization.

6. Comments and Posts

If Users leave Comments or other Posts, their IP addresses will be based On our legitimate Interests within the Meaning of Article 6 (6). 1 lit. For GDPR stored for 7 Days.

This is done for our Safety if someone leaves illegal Content in Comments and Posts (Insults, Forbidden political Propaganda, etc.). In this Case, we can be prosecuted for the Comment or Contribution ourselves and are therefore interested in the Identity of the Author.

7. Collection of Access Data and Log Files

We raise on the Basis of our legitimate Interests within the Meaning of Article 6 (6). 1 lit. R. GDPR Data about every Access to the Server on which this Service is located (so-called Server log Files). Access data includes Name of the website retrieved, File, Date and Time Of Retrieval, amount Of data transferred, Notification Of successful Retrieval, browser type plus Version, the User’s Operating system, Referrer URL (the previously visited Page), IP address AND the requesting Providers.

Logfile information is stored for Security Reasons (E.g. to Investigate acts of abuse or Fraud) for a maximum period of seven Days and then deleted. Data that is required for further Retention for Evidentiary purposes are exempt from Deletion pending a final Resolution of the Incident.

8. Cookies & Range Measurement

Cookies are Information that is transmitted from our Web Server or Third-party Web servers to the web browsers Of the Users and stored there for a later Retrieval. Cookies can be small Files or other Types of Information storage.

We use “session cookies,” which are only stored for the Duration of the current Visit to our Online Presence (E.g. to enable the storage of Your login status or the Shopping Basket Function and thus the Use of our Online offer in the first Place). A randomly generated unique Identification Number, a so-called session ID, is stored in a session cookie. In Addition, a Cookie contains the Indication of its Origin and the Storage Period. These Cookies cannot store other Data. Session cookies will be deleted if You have stopped Using our Online Offer and, for example, log out or close the Browser.

Users will be informed About the Use of Cookies in the Context of pseudonymous Range Measurement As Part of this Privacy policy.

If Users do not want cookies to be stored on their Computer, they are asked to disable the option In their Browser’s System settings. Saved Cookies can be deleted from the Browser’s System settings. The Exclusion of Cookies can lead to Functional Limitations of this Online offer.

You can use cookies for Range Measurement and Advertising Purposes via the Deactivation page of the Network Advertising initiative ( and in addition to the US Website ( Or the European Website (

9. Google Analytics

Based on our legitimate Interests (i.e. interest in the Analysis, Optimization and economic Operation of our Online offer within The Meaning of Article 6 (1)) Of GDPR), we set Google Analytics, a Web Analytics service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses Cookies. The Information generated by the Cookie about Users ‘ Use of the Online offer is Usually transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there.

Google is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus offers a Guarantee to comply with European Data protection law (

Google will use this Information on our Behalf to evaluate the Users ‘ use of our Online offering, to compile reports on the Activities within this Online offering, and to provide further information on the use of this Online offer and the Internet use Related Services to provide us. Pseudonymous user profiles can be created from the Processed Data.

We use Google Analytics to display the Ads placed within Google’S advertising Services and its Partners, only those Users who have also shown an Interest in our Online offering or who have certain Characteristics (e.g. interests in certain Features (E.g. interests in certain Topics or Products determined by the Websites visited) that we submit to Google (so-called “remarketing,” or “Google Analytics Audiences”). With the Help Of the Remarketing Audiences, we also want to ensure that our Ads are in line with the potential interest of Users and do not have a nuisance.

We only use Google Analytics with IP anonymization enabled. This means that the IP address of Users is being shortened by Google within Member States of the European Union or in other Contracting States to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there.

The IP address transmitted by the User’s Browser will not be merged with other Google data. Users can prevent cookies from being Stored by adjusting their browser software accordingly; Users can also prevent the Collection of data generated by the Cookie and related to its Use of the Online Offer To Google, as well as Google’s processing of that data by Using it by using the browser plugin available under the following Link. Download and install:

For more Information on Google’s Use of Data, hiring and Objection, Visit Google’s Websites: Https:// (“Data Usage by Google when Using websites or Apps Our Partners “), (” Data Usage for Advertising Purposes “), (” Manage information that Google uses To show You advertising “).

10. Google Re/Marketing Services

On the Basis of our legitimate Interests (i.e. interest in the Analysis, Optimization and economic Operation of our Online offer within The Meaning of Article 6 (1)) of GDPR), WE use the marketing and remarketing services (or “Google Marketing Services”) of the Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, (“Google”).

Google is certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus offers a Guarantee to comply with European Data protection law (

Google Marketing Services allow us to display Ads for and on our Website in a more targeted way, only to present Ads to users that potentially correspond to their Interests. For example, if a User is shown Advertisements for Products for which he has been interested on other Websites, one speaks of “Remarketing.” For these Purposes, when Our and other Websites are active on Google, a Code from Google is executed directly by Google and So-called (Re) marketing tags (invisible Graphics or code, also known as “Web Beacons”) in The Website is integrated. With their Help, an individual Cookie, i.e. a small File, is stored on the User’s device (comparable Technologies can also be used instead of Cookies). The Cookies can be set by various Domains, including,,,, or This File notes which websites the User Visits, which content he is interested in and which Offers he has clicked, as well as technical Information about the Browser and Operating System, referring websites, visit Time and other Information about Use of the Online Offer. Users ‘ IP address is also recorded, and we state in the Context of Google Analytics that the IP address within Member States of the European Union or in other Contracting States to the Agreement on the European Economic Area is being reduced, and Only in Exceptional Cases is transferred entirely to a Google Server in the USA and shortened there. The IP address is not merged with the User’s Data within other Google Offerings. Google may also link the above information to such Information from Other Sources. If the User subsequently visits other Websites, the ads tailored to him can be displayed according to his Or she’s interests.

Users ‘ Data is processed pseudonymously as Part of Google’s marketing services. This means that Google does not store or process the Name or E-mail address of the Users, but processes the relevant Data Cookie-related within pseudonymous user profiles. That is, from Google’s Point of view, the Ads are not managed and displayed for a specifically identified person, but for the cookie owner, regardless of who that cookie owner is. This does not apply if a User has expressly allowed Google to process the Data without this Pseudonymization. The Information collected through users by Google Marketing Services is transmitted to Google and stored on Google’S Servers in the UNITED States.

Among the Google marketing services we use is the online advertising program “Google AdWords.” In the Case of Google AdWords, each AdWords customer will receive a different “conversion cookie.” Cookies cannot therefore be tracked through AdWords customers ‘ Websites. The Information obtained with The help of the Cookie is used to create conversion statistics for AdWords customers who have opted for conversion tracking. AdWords customers will learn the Total Number of Users who clicked on their Ad and were directed to a page with a conversion tracking tag. However, you will not receive any information that can be used to identify users personally.

We can Also use the Google Optimizer service. Google Optimizer allows us to understand how various Changes to a Website affect us (E.g. changes in input fields, design, etc.). Cookies are stored on users ‘ Devices for these testing purposes. Dabei werden nur pseudonyme Daten der Nutzer verarbeitet.

Ferner können wir den “Google Tag Manager” einsetzen, um die Google Analyse- und Marketing-Dienste in unsere Website einzubinden und zu verwalten.

Weitere Informationen zur Datennutzung zu Marketingzwecken durch Google, erfahren Sie auf der Übersichtsseite:, die Datenschutzerklärung von Google ist unter

Wenn Sie der interessensbezogenen Werbung durch Google-Marketing-Services widersprechen möchten, können Sie die von Google gestellten Einstellungs- und Opt-Out-Möglichkeiten nutzen:

11. Facebook Social Plugins

Wir nutzen auf Grundlage unserer berechtigten Interessen (d.h. Interesse an der Analyse, Optimierung und wirtschaftlichem Betrieb unseres Onlineangebotes im Sinne des Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. DSGVO) Social Plugins (“Plugins”) des sozialen Netzwerkes, welches von der Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Irland betrieben wird (“Facebook”). Die Plugins können Interaktionselemente oder Inhalte (z.B. Videos, Grafiken oder Textbeiträge) darstellen und sind an einem der Facebook Logos erkennbar (weißes „f“ auf blauer Kachel, den Begriffen “Like”, “Gefällt mir” oder einem „Daumen hoch“-Zeichen) oder sind mit dem Zusatz “Facebook Social Plugin” gekennzeichnet. Die Liste und das Aussehen der Facebook Social Plugins kann hier eingesehen werden:

Facebook ist unter dem Privacy-Shield-Abkommen zertifiziert und bietet hierdurch eine Garantie, das europäische Datenschutzrecht einzuhalten (

Wenn ein Nutzer eine Funktion dieses Onlineangebotes aufruft, die ein solches Plugin enthält, baut sein Gerät eine direkte Verbindung mit den Servern von Facebook auf. Der Inhalt des Plugins wird von Facebook direkt an das Gerät des Nutzers übermittelt und von diesem in das Onlineangebot eingebunden. Dabei können aus den verarbeiteten Daten Nutzungsprofile der Nutzer erstellt werden. Wir haben daher keinen Einfluss auf den Umfang der Daten, die Facebook mit Hilfe dieses Plugins erhebt und informiert die Nutzer daher entsprechend unserem Kenntnisstand.

Durch die Einbindung der Plugins erhält Facebook die Information, dass ein Nutzer die entsprechende Seite des Onlineangebotes aufgerufen hat. Ist der Nutzer bei Facebook eingeloggt, kann Facebook den Besuch seinem Facebook-Konto zuordnen. Wenn Nutzer mit den Plugins interagieren, zum Beispiel den Like Button betätigen oder einen Kommentar abgeben, wird die entsprechende Information von Ihrem Gerät direkt an Facebook übermittelt und dort gespeichert. Falls ein Nutzer kein Mitglied von Facebook ist, besteht trotzdem die Möglichkeit, dass Facebook seine IP-Adresse in Erfahrung bringt und speichert. Laut Facebook wird in Deutschland nur eine anonymisierte IP-Adresse gespeichert.

Zweck und Umfang der Datenerhebung und die weitere Verarbeitung und Nutzung der Daten durch Facebook sowie die diesbezüglichen Rechte und Einstellungsmöglichkeiten zum Schutz der Privatsphäre der Nutzer, können diese den Datenschutzhinweisen von Facebook entnehmen:

Wenn ein Nutzer Facebookmitglied ist und nicht möchte, dass Facebook über dieses Onlineangebot Daten über ihn sammelt und mit seinen bei Facebook gespeicherten Mitgliedsdaten verknüpft, muss er sich vor der Nutzung unseres Onlineangebotes bei Facebook ausloggen und seine Cookies löschen. Weitere Einstellungen und Widersprüche zur Nutzung von Daten für Werbezwecke, sind innerhalb der Facebook-Profileinstellungen möglich: oder über die US-amerikanische Seite oder die EU-Seite Die Einstellungen erfolgen plattformunabhängig, d.h. sie werden für alle Geräte, wie Desktopcomputer oder mobile Geräte übernommen.

12. Facebook-, Custom Audiences und Facebook-Marketing-Dienste

Within our Online Offer, due to our legitimate Interests in the Analysis, Optimization and economic Operation of our Online offer And for these Purposes, the so-called “Facebook pixel” of the social Network Facebook, which is supported by Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA, Or if You are based in the EU, Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (“Facebook”).

Facebook ist unter dem Privacy-Shield-Abkommen zertifiziert und bietet hierdurch eine Garantie, das europäische Datenschutzrecht einzuhalten (

With the Help of the Facebook pixel, Facebook is able to determine The visitors of our Online Offer as the Target Group for The presentation of Ads (so-called “Facebook ads”). Accordingly, we use the Facebook pixel to display the Facebook ads we have switched on only to those Facebook users who have also shown an interest in our online offering or who have certain characteristics (e.g. interests in certain topics or Products that are determined by the visited websites), which we transmit to Facebook (so-called “Custom Audiences”). With the help of the Facebook pixel, we also want to make sure that our Facebook ads are in line with the potential interest of the users and do not have a nuisance. With the Help of the Facebook pixel, we can also understand the Effectiveness of Facebook ads for statistical and Market Research purposes, in which we see if users have been forwarded to our Website after Clicking on a Facebook ad (so-called ” Conversion “).

The Facebook pixel is integrated directly through Facebook when Our Websites are accessed and can store a so-called Cookie, i.e. a small File, on Your Device. If You then log in To Facebook or visit Facebook when logged In, your Profile will note the Visit to Our Online Offer. The Data collected about You is anonymous to us, so it does not provide us with any Conclusions as to the Identity of the Users. However, the Data is stored and processed by Facebook So that a Connection to the respective User Profile is possible and can be used by Facebook As well as for its own market research and Advertising purposes. If we are to submit data to Facebook for The Same purpose, it will be encrypted locally on the Browser and only then sent to Facebook via a secure https connection. This is done solely with the Purpose of comparing it with the data both encrypted by Facebook

Furthermore, when Using the Facebook pixel, we use the Additional Function of “extended matching” (data such as Telephone numbers, E-mail addresses or Facebook IDs of The Users) to Form target Groups (“Custom Audiences” or “Look Alike Audiences”). Facebook (encrypted). Other Notes on “extended matching”:

We also use the Custom Audiences from File process of the social Network Facebook, Inc. In this Case, the email addresses of newsletter recipients are uploaded to Facebook. The upload process is encrypted. The Upload is for the sole Purpose of determining recipients of our Facebook ads. We want to ensure that the Ads are only shown to Users who have an Interest in our Information and Services.

Facebook Processes the Data as Part of Facebook’S Data Use policy. Dementsprechend generelle Hinweise zur Darstellung von Facebook-Ads, in der Datenverwendungsrichtlinie von Facebook: Spezielle Informationen und Details zum Facebook-Pixel und seiner Funktionsweise erhalten Sie im Hilfebereich von Facebook:

You can object to the capture by the Facebook pixel and use your data to display Facebook ads. Um einzustellen, welche Arten von Werbeanzeigen Ihnen innerhalb von Facebook angezeigt werden, können Sie die von Facebook eingerichtete Seite aufrufen und dort die Hinweise zu den Einstellungen nutzungsbasierter Werbung befolgen: Die Einstellungen erfolgen plattformunabhängig, d.h. sie werden für alle Geräte, wie Desktopcomputer oder mobile Geräte übernommen.

Sie können dem Einsatz von Cookies, die der Reichweitenmessung und Werbezwecken dienen, ferner über die Deaktivierungsseite der Netzwerkwerbeinitiative ( und zusätzlich die US-amerikanische Webseite( oder die europäische Webseite ( widersprechen.

13. Newsletter

Mit den nachfolgenden Hinweisen klären wir Sie über die Inhalte unseres Newsletters sowie das Anmelde-, Versand- und das statistische Auswertungsverfahren sowie Ihre Widerspruchsrechte auf. Indem Sie unseren Newsletter abonnieren, erklären Sie sich mit dem Empfang und den beschriebenen Verfahren einverstanden.

Inhalt des Newsletters: Wir versenden Newsletter, E-Mails und weitere elektronische Benachrichtigungen mit werblichen Informationen (nachfolgend „Newsletter“) nur mit der Einwilligung der Empfänger oder einer gesetzlichen Erlaubnis. Sofern im Rahmen einer Anmeldung zum Newsletter dessen Inhalte konkret umschrieben werden, sind sie für die Einwilligung der Nutzer maßgeblich. Im Übrigen enthalten unsere Newsletter Informationen zu unseren Produkten, Angeboten, Aktionen und unserem Unternehmen.

Double-Opt-In und Protokollierung: Die Anmeldung zu unserem Newsletter erfolgt in einem sog. Double-Opt-In-Verfahren. D.h. Sie erhalten nach der Anmeldung eine E-Mail, in der Sie um die Bestätigung Ihrer Anmeldung gebeten werden. Diese Bestätigung ist notwendig, damit sich niemand mit fremden E-Mailadressen anmelden kann. Die Anmeldungen zum Newsletter werden protokolliert, um den Anmeldeprozess entsprechend den rechtlichen Anforderungen nachweisen zu können. Hierzu gehört die Speicherung des Anmelde- und des Bestätigungszeitpunkts, als auch der IP-Adresse. Ebenso werden die Änderungen Ihrer bei dem Versanddienstleister gespeicherten Daten protokolliert.

Versanddienstleister: Der Versand der Newsletter erfolgt mittels „MailChimp“, einer Newsletterversandplattform des US-Anbieters Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA. Die Datenschutzbestimmungen des Versanddienstleisters können Sie hier einsehen: The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a MailChimp ist unter dem Privacy-Shield-Abkommen zertifiziert und bietet hierdurch eine Garantie, das europäisches Datenschutzniveau einzuhalten (

Des Weiteren kann der Versanddienstleister nach eigenen Informationen diese Daten in pseudonymer Form, d.h. ohne Zuordnung zu einem Nutzer, zur Optimierung oder Verbesserung der eigenen Services nutzen, z.B. zur technischen Optimierung des Versandes und der Darstellung der Newsletter oder für statistische Zwecke, um zu bestimmen aus welchen Ländern die Empfänger kommen, verwenden. Der Versanddienstleister nutzt die Daten unserer Newsletterempfänger jedoch nicht, um diese selbst anzuschreiben oder an Dritte weiterzugeben.

Registration Credentials: To sign up for the Newsletter, it is sufficient to provide Your email address.

As An option, we ask you to provide a Name for personal Contact in the Newsletter.

Statistical Survey and Analysis – The Newsletters contain a so-called “web-beacon,” i.e. a pixel-sized File, which is retrieved from the Shipping Service provider’s Server when The Newsletter is opened. As Part of this Retrieval, technical Information, such as Information about the Browser and Your System, as well as Your IP address and Time Of Retrieval, will be collected first. This Information is used to Improve the Technical Services on the basis of the technical data or the Target groups and their Reading behaviour based on The RaRuforte (which can be determined with The help of the IP address) or The access Times. Statistical Surveys also include determining whether Newsletters will open, when they will open and which Links will be clicked. For technical Reasons, this Information can be assigned to the individual Newsletter recipients. However, It is neither Our Intention nor that of the Shipping Service Provider to observe individual Users. The Evaluations serve us much more to recognize the Reading Habits of our Users and to adapt our content to them or to send different Content according to the Interests of our Users.

The Use of the Shipping Service Provider, The conduct of statistical Surveys and Analyses as well as the Logging Of the registration Procedure are based on our legitimate Interests. Article 6 (6). 1 lit. f GDPR. Our Interest is directed towards the Use of a user-friendly and secure Newsletter system that serves both our business Interests and meets the Expectations of users.

Termination/revocation – You can cancel the Receipt of our Newsletter at any time, i.e. Resist Their Consents. At the same time, Your Consent in its Shipment by the Shipping Service Provider and the statistical Analyses will be extinguished. A separate Revocation of the Shipment By the Shipping service Provider or the statistical Analysis is unfortunately not possible. A Link to The Cancellation of the Newsletter can be found at the End of each Newsletter. If users have only signed up for the Newsletter and canceled this Application, their personal Data will be deleted.

14. Integration of Third-party services and Content

Within our Online Offer, we set the content or service Offerings of Third-party Providers to integrate their Content and Services, such as Videos or Fonts (referred to below uniformly as “Content”). This always presupposes that the Third-party providers of this Content perceive the IP address of the Users, since they would not be able to send the Content to their Browser without the IP address. The IP address is therefore required for the Presentation of this Content. We make every effort to use only content whose respective Providers only use the IP address to Deliver the content. Drittanbieter können ferner so genannte Pixel-Tags (unsichtbare Grafiken, auch als “Web Beacons” bezeichnet) für statistische oder Marketingzwecke verwenden. Durch die “Pixel-Tags” können Informationen, wie der Besucherverkehr auf den Seiten dieser Website ausgewertet werden. Die pseudonymen Informationen können ferner in Cookies auf dem Gerät der Nutzer gespeichert werden und unter anderem technische Informationen zum Browser und Betriebssystem, verweisende Webseiten, Besuchszeit sowie weitere Angaben zur Nutzung unseres Onlineangebotes enthalten, als auch mit solchen Informationen aus anderen Quellen verbunden werden können.

Die nachfolgende Darstellung bietet eine Übersicht von Drittanbietern sowie ihrer Inhalte, nebst Links zu deren Datenschutzerklärungen, welche weitere Hinweise zur Verarbeitung von Daten und, z.T. bereits hier genannt, Widerspruchsmöglichkeiten (sog. Opt-Out) enthalten:

Falls unsere Kunden die Zahlungsdienste Dritter (z.B. PayPal oder Sofortüberweisung) nutzen, gelten die Geschäftsbedingungen und die Datenschutzhinweise der jeweiligen Drittanbieter, welche innerhalb der jeweiligen Webseiten, bzw. Transaktionsapplikationen abrufbar sind.

Externe Schriftarten von Google, Inc., („Google Fonts“). Die Einbindung der Google Fonts erfolgt durch einen Serveraufruf bei Google (in der Regel in den USA). Datenschutzerklärung:, Opt-Out:

Landkarten des Dienstes „Google Maps“ des Drittanbieters Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, gestellt. Datenschutzerklärung:, Opt-Out:

Videos der Plattform “YouTube” des Drittanbieters Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Datenschutzerklärung:, Opt-Out:

Innerhalb unseres Onlineangebotes sind Funktionen des Dienstes Google+ eingebunden. Diese Funktionen werden angeboten durch den Drittanbieter Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Wenn Sie in Ihrem Google+ – Account eingeloggt sind können Sie durch Anklicken des Google+ – Buttons die Inhalte unserer Seiten mit Ihrem Google+ – Profil verlinken. Dadurch kann Google den Besuch unserer Seiten Ihrem Benutzerkonto zuordnen. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass wir als Anbieter der Seiten keine Kenntnis vom Inhalt der übermittelten Daten sowie deren Nutzung durch Google+ erhalten.

Datenschutzerklärung:, Opt-Out:

Innerhalb unseres Onlineangebotes sind Funktionen des Dienstes Instagram eingebunden. Diese Funktionen werden angeboten durch die Instagram Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, USA integriert. Wenn Sie in Ihrem Instagram – Account eingeloggt sind können Sie durch Anklicken des Instagram – Buttons die Inhalte unserer Seiten mit Ihrem Instagram – Profil verlinken. Dadurch kann Instagram den Besuch unserer Seiten Ihrem Benutzerkonto zuordnen. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass wir als Anbieter der Seiten keine Kenntnis vom Inhalt der übermittelten Daten sowie deren Nutzung durch Instagram erhalten. Datenschutzerklärung:

Externer Code des JavaScript-Frameworks “jQuery”, bereitgestellt durch den Dritt-Anbieter jQuery Foundation,

15. Rechte der Nutzer

Nutzer haben das Recht, auf Antrag unentgeltlich Auskunft zu erhalten über die personenbezogenen Daten, die von uns über sie gespeichert wurden.

Zusätzlich haben die Nutzer das Recht auf Berichtigung unrichtiger Daten, Einschränkung der Verarbeitung und Löschung ihrer personenbezogenen Daten, sofern zutreffend, Ihre Rechte auf Datenportabilität geltend zu machen und im Fall der Annahme einer unrechtmäßigen Datenverarbeitung, eine Beschwerde bei der zuständigen Aufsichtsbehörde einzureichen.

Ebenso können Nutzer Einwilligungen, grundsätzlich mit Auswirkung für die Zukunft, widerrufen.

16. Deletion of Data

The Data stored with us will be deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary for its Purpose and no legal Retention Obligations stand in the way of the Deletion. Unless users ‘ Data is deleted because it is necessary for other and legally permissible Purposes, their Processing will be restricted. This means that the Data is blocked and not processed for other Purposes. This applies, for example, to Data of users who have to be kept for commercial or tax reasons.

According to legal Requirements, the Retention is Carried Out for 6 Years in accordance with § 257 (). 1 HGB (Trading Books, Inventories, Opening balance sheets, Financial statements, trade Letters, booking Receipts, etc.) and for 10 Years in accordance with § 147 (s). 1 AO (Books, records, Situation reports, Booking Documents, trade And Business Letters, documents relevant to Taxation, etc.).

17. Right To Object

Users may object to the future Processing of their personal Data at any time in accordance With legal Requirements. The Objection may be made in particular Against Processing for Direct Advertising purposes.

18. Changes to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy to adapt it to changes in the legal Situation, or to adapt it to Changes in the Service and Data processing. However, This only applies to Explanations of Data processing. If user Consent is required or if Elements of the Privacy policy contain Rules of the Contractual relationship with users, the

Changes only with the Consent of the Users.

Users are asked to check the Content of the Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

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