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About bambusliebe

Hey! we are Angela & Christoph, the founders of bambusliebe, your brand for sustainability. Here you can find out how bambusliebe came about and what goals we pursue with our brand. You've probably been asking yourself for a long time how to fight the unbelievable disposable and plastic insanity.

We had a similar experience. In 2017, the usual plastic and disposable products such as toothbrushes, cotton swabs and cotton pads were lying around in our bathroom. But there had to be ways to be more environmentally friendly in daily use! We started looking for alternatives, did research and found ... almost nothing.

Too few choices made it difficult for us to live in an environmentally conscious manner according to our wishes. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and give everyone the opportunity to live more sustainably as well.

Our products 

Our products are manufactured in Germany and Asia. We use bamboo that comes from a bamboo farm. Therefore, no rainforest is cleared for our products.

Because social factors are also important to us, we only work with manufacturers who pay their employees fairly and ensure fair working conditions.
In addition, producers must be able to demonstrate certified quality. Yes, admittedly - we have high standards, but when it comes to our planet, that's fine. Our products are good for the environment and in the long run they are cheaper than disposable products. A classic win-win situation in green, right?

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About bamboo

Bamboo is just great! Because bamboo does not belong to the woods, but to the grasses. This means that it is not cut down like a tree. It only needs to be shortened and grows back from the root by itself. And that with a remarkable speed!

Some bamboo species in Asia grow up to two meters per month. Nevertheless, the giant grass has the stable properties of wood, which allows it to be used for many purposes. Due to its enormous growth, bamboo produces twice as much oxygen as a conventional tree and is therefore an inexhaustible resource.

Finally, bamboo forms a substance, Bamboo-Kun, which protects it from bacteria and fungi. Because of this, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, does not need to be cultivated with pesticides and can be harvested in an environmentally friendly way. On top of that, bamboo is biodegradable and can be recycled. Grandiose, isn't it? That is why products made of bamboo are groundbreaking for a conscious, sustainable use of raw materials.


We are happy to work together with @theoceancleanup from now on! What does this mean for you? That for every gift basket set sold, a kilo of garbage is collected from the sea. A nice way to collect garbage, right?

The amount of waste collected can be viewed on video once a quarter:
Watch the video

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Climate Neutral Shipping

Your order will be shipped climate neutrally throughout Germany.


The topic of sustainability occupied people's minds last year in 2019 and is currently indispensable. Greater environmental awareness, the avoidance of plastic waste and rubbish in general and a more responsible approach to our planet were important issues facing politicians, manufacturing companies and many private households. Read more

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