Washing without detergent!

With a lifespan of up to 3 years, the Eco washing ball is the perfect companion for clean laundry and replaces detergent for colored laundry. You protect the environment because you wash without surfactants or phosphates. You also save a lot of money. Admittedly, the ball is made of plastic, but is much more environmentally friendly than all packaging waste that is produced by conventional detergents!

Advantages summarized:

  • Washing without detergent
  • Protects the environment because washing is done without surfactants or phosphates
  • You no longer have to buy detergent for colored laundry
  • Saves packaging waste
  • Germs, odors and bacteria are reliably removed
  • There are no chemical residues in the clothing
  • Suitable for children and allergy sufferers

But how does the washing ball work?

The Eco washing ball contains ceramic balls that release negative ions during the washing process, resulting in a Breakage of the surface tension of the water leads. The dirt can easily be removed from the fibers of clothing. In addition, germs are killed and bad smells are eliminated. It is also antibacterial & amp; phosphate free and ideal for children & amp; Suitable for allergy sufferers. There are no chemical residues in the clothing.

Instructions for use:

Place the washing ball between the laundry in the washing drum and store dry after washing. For white laundry, we recommend adding a tablespoon of eco-bleach.

Heavily soiled laundry should be pretreated.

If the laundry contains more than 4 kg, two washing balls should be used placed in the sun so that the ceramic beads can regenerate. It is not suitable for the dryer.


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